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Our custom automated solutions help companies in the Medical/Healthcare/Pharma/Biotech industries meet the increasing demand and stay compliant with tight regulatory practices. We offer validation support and robust solutions with integrated high-precision and high-accuracy components. From dispensing to clean room applications, DDS has an experienced team of engineers to ensure the long-term success of your company. 

General Capabilities

  • Syringe and vial filling & capping
    • Volumetric and weigh filling
  • Laser marking
  • Cardiovascular applications
  • Pipette handling, sorting, and cutting
  • Blister pack sorting, filling, sealing and inspection
  • Contact lens cutting, handling and inspection
  • Clean room experience: class 6,8,9 + more
  • Surgical instruments:
    • Suture end prep
    • Surgical needle and suture assembly
    • Suture wrapping
    • Extrusion of suture material
    • Packaging lab equipment/ wound care
  • Leak testing
  • IV bag inspection and automation systems
  • Assembly solutions, dispense applications
  • Inspection and testing applications
a fully automated assembly and inspection system for a surgical instrument.

Surgical Instrument Assembly

Our customer in the Medical Device Industry needed to mitigate quality risks due to operator handling, reduce labor costs, and replace subjective operator inspections with automated vision inspections. We designed a fully automated assembly and inspection system for this surgical instrument. The parts move through the machine from station to station using a recirculating pallet conveyor. An RFID chip in each pallet and an RFID reader at each station tracks parts as they travel through the system. Parts are fed into the system automatically using bowl feeders, drawers, and tray handlers.


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