5 Reasons Why You Need to Implement Automation Now

November 15th, 2021

Manufacturers waiting to implement automation are losing out on massive financial and operational gains, not to mention the risk of falling behind the competition. If you haven't already adopted automation and are facing manufacturing challenges such as labor/ resource constraints, quality issues, or a need to increase throughput to meet customer demand, now is the time!

Working with an experienced systems integrator such as Dynamic Design Solutions ensures the most favorable return on investment by improving your revenue-generating throughput and safety over total cost of ownership. Here are five reasons why you should automate today:

1. Automation creates more efficient, standardized processes, which improve first-time quality, reduce non-value waste, and improve safety. 

2. The most successful and competitive manufacturers are investing in advanced automation systems to compete in regional, national, and global markets and better serve their customers … don't fall behind!

3. Updated automation equipment expands your capabilities to include new or different work outside of your traditional targeted customer base on top of meeting increased customer demand. Win more business with increased productivity and capacity.

4. Most automation applications to solve common production problems (ie. labor challenges) have already been invented – you just have to tailor them. Partnering with a custom machine builder like Dynamic Design Solutions allows you to solve these challenges and improve your operation within your budget and specifications.

5. Automation smoothly integrates with your existing people and processes to ensure reliability, safety, and sustainability in your operation. This allows you to utilize your labor to the best and highest use. 

For manufacturers that are brand new to/ unfamiliar with automation and may be deterred by the upfront cost, automating specific portions of your production process with need-specific equipment could be a more affordable alternative and great intro to automation. These could include: conveyor systems, packaging/ material handling systems, pick and place, vision-based inspection systems, robotics, and cobots. For more information on designing a custom automation system to suit your specific needs, contact the experts at Dynamic Design Solutions. We are dedicated to helping industry leaders like you to transform your operation and reduce your costs to better serve the discrete manufacturing industry. 

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